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Developing an app: 5 tips for a successful app

Developing an app is not easy. With these tips, we give you tools to make app development successful. This prevents your idea from becoming a zombie app, like 83% of all apps, which has fewer than 1000 downloads.

1. Develop an app based on strategy

The most important tip I give is: to start with the end in mind. Many apps are created because there is an app to come, with no clear purpose. Such an “app for the got” often delivers nothing more than a nice story during a drink. Nice to tell, but it will be a big blunder when people find out that nobody is using your app. And that’s while a good app based on your idea shows your success! For example, if you make a lot of money with it, but especially if it is a popular app! That popularity does not come automatically. No, every existing successful app has a strategy! (Tip: The main strategy that these apps follow is that they solve a big problem for users!) So don’t start working with your app a head over heels, but make a strategy beforehand. Can’t do that on your own? Let yourself be supported by an expert in creating your app.

“This user audience determines the ultimate success of your app.”

2. Conduct market research

With your app, you want to reach as many people as possible. He must become popular. That does not start with from 0 to 1 million users in one day. You grow there! That’s why you start by reaching out to a certain group of people. This first user audience determines the ultimate app success. 

It is therefore important to approach this target group during the app development process. Through surveys, interviews, already available market knowledge, or other research methods, you will find out what users find important. Use that to determine the strategy for your app.

The same applies when developing an app for employees: you must also involve them in app development, because the better they are able to use the app, the better your app will achieve its goal.

3. Make a recipe for your app

In a document, you combine your idea and market research into an “app recipe”. It states which functions or elements your users want in your app. Before you start having your app made by an app developer, you make this concept.

You then know what you want and as soon as you start looking for an app maker, you show him this app concept. (You don’t have to worry about your idea being stolen for this reason). 

It is then much easier to compare the offers and proposals they provide. Big advantage: you get a competitive price! And, when the app development starts, you keep control over what is delivered, because you have recorded this well in advance.

“Many developers work with an agile approach where there are pre-planned interim delivery times.”

4. Develop an app based on user input

The actual mobile app development is not just a technical process with tight project management. You also control the process! This is because an app is very personal for a user and you want to take this into account.

Many modern developers work with a so-called agile approach where there are pre-planned interim delivery times. As an interim client, you can give input based on your own opinion, but do not forget the users in this phase.

For example, test in advance with a prototype of the app to find out the convenience for the user. But testing is also important at interim delivery times. You then test whether it succeeds in preventing the frustrations of in-app use. Or even make using your app extra fun! If interface elements are added that make it fun for users to use the app, the app will be used more often. That increases the chance of success of your app a lot. This optimization of the experience of your target group in the development of your app is also called User Experience or UX.

5. Find the best app developer

If you have the above ingredients for a successful app, then you need an app builder to program the app. So an app developer does steps 1, 2, and 3 for you. Some help you with step 4, but most only help with programming.

Good to know! Because if you skip these steps, the chances of success are very small… And most people do. Therefore, 83% of all apps are Zombie apps! They once started as a nice idea and now they are never downloaded or used again. These apps never got more than 1000 downloads at all. 

If you have previous steps in order, you can start finding an app developer with confidence. The two most important elements during app creation are cost and quality. React Native App development costs are an important consideration for your budget, but that can have a negative effect on quality. That is why it is important to find the right price-quality ratio. App makers with the right experience reuse their acquired knowledge and programming code to give your app a higher quality and lower price. A better price-quality ratio. 

Success check: how good is your app idea?

These 5 steps contribute to making an app successful. But do you want to know how successful your idea actually is? Which can? 

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