The Fastest IOS App Development Programming Languages List Update 2023

The Fastest IOS App Development Programming Languages List Update 2023

If you look at Google Trends, you’ll notice that the phrase “iOS app development” has been trending high since the beginning of 2022. “What programming languages are ideal for iOS app development?” is a popular question among developers, students, and entrepreneurs. As we know, each iOS app development programming language has its unique set of capabilities, and the requirements of an app concept also influence the language used. You must first assess your app concept and investigate the market’s viability to understand your requirements better. The next decision is whether to go with native or cross-platform app development.

Indeed, mobile phones have become a vital aspect of our daily lives and enterprises. If you delve further, research suggests that nearly 56% of individuals get online using mobile phones, with the balance using computers and tablets. Surprisingly, among that 56%, the total number of iOS users is roughly 27%, and this statistic will surely rise more in the following days. They have surpassed a 1+ Billion active user base due to high demand and a dedicated consumer base. This statistic is massive, and the income potential is also strong compared to other operating systems.

Every year, millions of apps are launched on the iOS platform, which Apple’s App Store supports, but making it out is not as straightforward. They have checklists, various languages, and a set of principles that every developer must follow. Today, we’ll look at the Top programming languages for iOS app development. Let’s go over them one by one.

10+ Trending  IOS App Development Programming Languages


Swift IOS App Development

Swift has quickly become one of the most popular programming languages for creating iOS, iPadOS, macOS, and WatchOS. Apple launched it in 2014 as a replacement for Objective C, and iOS developers have widely used it. According to the (PYPL Index) Popularity of Programming Language, Swift is the world’s eighth most popular programming language, with a market share of approximately 2.03%. Now, let’s understand what makes it so popular:

  • Apple launched Swift as a successor for Objective-C, C, and C++, and when compared, Swift is much too quick and fluid, delivering outstanding performance for most activities.
  • Security: Working on Swift is significantly cleaner and safer than other platforms. If you’re working on a project, safety is your priority. With that in mind, Swift cannot be “nil” by default, and its compiler will prohibit you from using it, preventing your app from crashing.
  • First Language: Swift is an excellent choice for beginners since it provides free courses for developers in a very interactive manner and is presently accessible for an iPad under the name Swift Playground.

Objective C

Objective-C IOS app Development

Tom Love and Brad Cox launched Objective-C in 1984, intending to provide an extension of OOPS and related characteristics. It is now one of the finest choices for iOS app development and was widely utilized by developers long before Swift was created. Aside from that, because the iOS market has a lot greater economic potential, an Objective may also be applied while designing an iOS app after considering numerous factors. 



COBOL is a programming language developed in the 1950s. Today, it remains one of the quickest programming languages. COBOL is an acronym that stands for Common Business-Oriented Language. It is used to create software for computer systems. COBOL is one of the quickest programming languages since it was designed for punched card computer systems. COBOL is also a compiled programming language, which means that the code is converted before it can be run into machine code. COBOL is still used today, but mainly as a second language.



Microsoft released it in 2000 as a long-standing rival to Java. It’s an object-oriented programming language that works with the Microsoft.Net framework. C# has grown in popularity over time due to its simple and high-level design, and it is now the seventh most popular programming language in the world, with nearly 31.4% of programmers using it. Aside from that, several elements will help you decide on this programming language.

  • C# provides extensive fast response timing during compilation regarding execution speed.
  • C# has many libraries with pre-defined functions, making it faster than other languages.


 IOS app Development programing

What if we told you that you could choose a language that is exceptionally rapid and can be used in today’s digital age? Yes, Flutter provides a quick experience and immediately reloads, allowing the user to see all recent changes without losing any vital data. Those interested in learning how to design iOS apps might check into this complete app development kit, also known as an SDK, which was introduced by Google in 2015 and released in 2017.

There must be a compelling rationale for utilizing Flutter; consider the following:

  • Flutters allow any user to utilize any complicated implementation through a bespoke UI that can be delivered cross-platform. It will enable developers to save time and energy.
  • Less Code: Google released Flutter in 2017, intending to save time and money. Flutter was created using the Dart programming language, which employs JIT and AOT to save time. Furthermore, Flutter allows UI to refresh without making any undesired modifications.
  • Widgets: Flutter provides a vast choice of ready-to-use gadgets that developers may use while designing any iOS application.


 IOS app Development programming

JavaScript is a high-level programming language that is a vital component of the World Wide Web. nearly 97.8 percent of all websites utilize it as a client-side programming language. Originally used exclusively to construct web browsers. JavaScript is now utilized for server-side website deployments and non-web browser applications. Javascript, formerly known as LiveScript, was created in 1995. Due to the popularity of Java at the time. It was advertised as Java’s “younger brother. ” Over time, JavaScript evolved into a completely independent language. JavaScript is commonly confused with Java. While there are some similarities, the two languages are distinct.

React Native

 IOS app Development programming

React Native allows you to develop JavaScript apps for Android and iOS. It manipulates native platform UI components using React’s virtual DOM idea, giving users a familiar experience. There are two methods for creating iOS apps: CLI for React Native: Greater difficult to use, but allows you more flexibility over your app.

Because it employs widely used javascript and typescript. As a result, developers already familiar with these programming languages may quickly transition to React Native while creating mobile apps. React Native allows you to create visually appealing iOS apps. It also allows you to create apps for iOS, Android, and the web using a single code base. It is a less expensive technology than Swift, but it enables for the creation of high-quality apps.


HTML5 (HyperText Markup Language) is at the bottom of the list, accounting for around 89% of websites as of today. It’s used to create apps by mixing CSS with Jscript. This language is being used by small-scale startups since it saves time and is considered a very cost-effective toolset. As a beginner, you may also start using HTML5 to learn and create iOS apps. However, before you go, consider any of these highlighters.

  • Accessibility: If you’re seeking a technology that allows you to design applications in less time and make them available offline, HTML5 is the way to go.
  • Limitations: As previously said, it is an excellent match for novices. Therefore it has limited capability and can be challenging when working on complicated stuff.
  • Compatibility: Although HTML is widely used among developers. It is not an ideal solution owing to concerns with compatibility with older browsers and HTML5 support for building Native apps. This causes problems with flexibility and limited usefulness when custom designing.
  • Popularity: According to a Stackflow poll, it is the second most commonly used language among developers worldwide.


Consider Ruby if you wish to start with a language recognized for being reasonably easy to learn. It was intended in the 1990s to have a more human-friendly syntax while remaining versatile due to its object-oriented architecture. Which supports procedural and functional programming notation. 

Ruby on Rails (“RoR”) is a Ruby-based web application framework. Ruby developers laud the language for its simplicity and minimal learning curve. These traits have resulted in a robust Ruby development community and increasing interest in the language among novice iOS app developers.


Scala is a type-safe Java virtual machine language that blends the finest oop and functional programming languages into a single high language. Scala is good for bug reduction and elimination in large, complicated applications. It may be used for both object-oriented and functional programming.

Developers can use Scala for every task that Java would ordinarily be used for. Scala is a complicated language, but its complexity gives it great flexibility. Companies like Netflix, Twitter, and the New York Times use Scala.


SQL is a widely used database query language. It is used to retrieve and alter data from databases. SQL is a declarative language that states the desired outcomes but not the means to get there. SQL is the world’s most frequently used database query language and a powerful tool for accessing and modifying data. 

Moreover, SQL is used extensively in various applications and contexts, including online applications, data warehouses, and e-commerce systems. It is a database query language that allows users to easily change and query data in a database. It has advantages over alternative database query languages, including more outstanding performance, enhanced data integrity, and more accessible data manipulation.


Rust has been the most popular language on Stack Overflow for the fourth year in a row. Rust, sponsored by Mozilla, is a system programming language with syntax comparable to C++. Rust is beneficial in a time-constrained setting and for developing applications in various areas because of its excellent compile-time accuracy, quick performance, intuitiveness, and safe memory. Dropbox and Yelp are two examples of Rust applications.

Furthermore, developers may utilize procedural macros to expand Rust and a foreign function interface (FFI) to call code from Rust to C and vice versa. Pattern matching is also used to improve the flow of the program.


Perl is a high-level programming language. But Perl is not an official abbreviation. It has several backronyms, including “Practical Extraction and Report Language.” Larry Wall created Perl in 1987 as a general-purpose Unix scripting language to help with report processing. It has undergone several adjustments and revisions since then.

Perl is a sophisticated IOS App Development programming language that has a wide range of features and uses. It is widely used in numerous disciplines, including system administration, web development, network programming, and many more. Also, it is used for various tasks, including web development, network programming, system administration, and more.

Perl is simple to learn, and its succinct syntax makes it ideal for novices. It’s also incredibly adaptable, allowing you to develop programs in various styles. Moreover, Perl has excellent database support, making it an attractive choice for database-driven applications. It also offers outstanding graphics and multimedia capability, making it a fantastic choice for media-rich applications.


Go (Golang) is an open-source programming language created by Google that was initially intended for server-side networking and infrastructure but was later extended to various use cases. Go, developed by Google, takes the standard strategy of simplifying things, making it an easy language to use and master. 

However, because Go is still considered a “young” language, there has been less time to construct complete frameworks or libraries and iron out the language’s flaws (e.g., inconsistencies do arise). Go is used chiefly on server-side / backend applications, although it may also be utilized for DevOps, cloud, AI, data science, and even some games.

Flutter or React Native: Which Mobile  App Development New Jersey


As mentioned above, each programming language has benefits and applications. However, if you are looking for the finest iOS app development language, go over each language first. On the other hand, the requirements of your app concept influence the ultimate selections. 

Flutter and React Native, for example, are cross-platform app development frameworks. As a result, we will leave the final decision to you. If you are seeking a Mobile app development business or have a question regarding the above material, don’t hesitate to get in touch with Exato Software.

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