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The best Business Intelligence Tools to consider in 2020

Do you want to maintain a competitive advantage on the market in 2020? Your company must take advantage of the Business Intelligence tools.

Today, there are numerous tools that allow businesses to identify and monitor external and internal data trends.

Before analyzing the trends of this year, however, it is necessary to specify that all companies must trace a series of data which, through a long process, are eventually processed in spreadsheets.

This process has always been done by hand. But how much time wasted!

Here, surprisingly, Business Intelligence tools avoid this nuisance.

Do you find it difficult to choose the right platform for your company? Don’t worry, with our indications it will become much simpler.

Here are the best Business Intelligence tools for 2020.

1. Microsoft Power BI

Microsoft provides users with a Business Intelligence tool signed directly by the company: Power BI.

What sets it apart from other tools? Its completely different and non-web based approach. Power BI uses software that must necessarily be downloaded for the desktop version.

You will discover how easy it is to connect hundreds of data sources together, including Microsoft, Facebook, Sybase and Oracle applications. Data analysis is so fast that you can get the first reports in a matter of minutes.

Here are the main advantages:

  • Connect all data from any source
  • You can access both from the web and from mobile
  • Provides solutions for businesses of all sizes
  • You can view reports in real time on all devices

2. Zoho Reports

Do you love the cloud? Zoho Reports Business Intelligence platform is the solution for you.

It’s a great solution because it integrates data from a variety of files, such as Microsoft Office documents, URL feeds and databases, and like MySQL, including data from other clouds such as Dropbox and Google Drive, as well as other applications such as Salesforce, Quickbooks and Google Analytics.

The data collected by the analysis are then combined through a series of mathematical formulas and integrated statistics, such as marketing costs, which are then included in an Excel file.

What about the cloud? It is the next step. The sales data is entered into a cloud database to create an information report.

Does this seem like a long process? Not at all. Today, all this is accomplished through a simple online interface and a few clicks.

After that, you can decide to do what you want with your final report. You can print it or send it by e-mail.

Let’s summarize some advantages:

  • Provides a cloud-based platform
  • Collects data from all sources
  • It provides a very simple interface in use and sharing
  • It allows you to create complete reports

3. Dundas

Are you looking for a complete but simple to use tool? Dundas is the right solution for you.

The company that created this Business Intelligence tool has 25 years of experience behind it and is designed to transform the analysis of corporate data into visual data through careful control of the visual design elements.

Here are the benefits:

  • You can use it on various devices, including mobile ones
  • It has drag and drop tools
  • Provides analysis of data from multiple sources in real time
  • It is suitable for businesses of any size

4. Sisense

Do you want to collect data faster and smoothly? Fortune-500 has created the right product. It’s called Sisense and it collects data very quickly, also exploiting artificial intelligence.

The artificial intelligence simplifies the process of data analysis to enable more immediate decision-making.

Among its customers there are big names such as GE, Philips, Fujitsu, NBC and Airbus which in turn have guaranteed the remarkable performance of the product.

Let’s see what differentiates it:

  • You can take advantage of the cloud
  • It is a scalable product
  • Simplify your workflows
  • It is based on end-to-end technology

5. Infor Birst

Let’s go back to citing BI tools that take advantage of the cloud. Infor Birst is a cloud-based business intelligence platform.

Take advantage of the latest digital technologies such as automation and machine learning, to allow the team to work on big data through a secure and patented network.

Infor Birst also allows you to collect data from different sources and then manage and analyze it by means of a clear and intuitive interface.

Finally, an always very important aspect in the field of business analytics is the ability to collect reports with complete and high definition graphs.

4 reasons to choose it:

  • It is a BI software on the net
  • The user experience is very fluid
  • Offers cloud architecture
  • It provides solutions for businesses of all sizes and sectors

6. Board

A single tool, many activities you can do.

Board represents a Business Intelligence, Performance Management platform and analysis software.

Board offers many solutions for all types of users, for large and small companies operating in any sector.

Given the large amount of products available, we advise you to consult the site to find out all the features of each single platform, of which you can also try the demo to test its operation.

The advantages to choose it:

  • It offers a BI platform, with performance management and integrated analysis
  • You can take advantage of cloud technology
  • Access from all the devices you want
  • Create interactive dashboards with drag and drop

7. Looker

Are you an SQL or data warehouse expert? Then you should choose Looker. The platform has precise BI tools, with metrics that allow you to save time, accessible at all times and processable, that is, integrated with third-party tools to make them even more performing.

If you don’t feel so expert, you can rely on the drag and drop dashboard. But if you are an expert, you can use the tools that the platform makes available for creating customized queries.

The data comes from different sources to ultimately provide you with a complete overview of the metrics that represent your company.

It helps you to discover many aspects of your customers, to create tailor-made messages with which to make contact and, in general, to increase the understanding of each of your customers.

Here are 4 advantages:

  • It is a web platform and there is no software to download
  • It connects to the SQL database or data warehouse
  • Create charts that tell the story of your business
  • It has a high capacity for user management and collaboration

8. Qlik Sense

What is the Qlik Sense platform made of? An analysis engine, sophisticated artificial intelligence and a scalable multi cloud architecture.

Through the multi cloud architecture it allows to implement SaaS and private clouds.

It allows you to combine and load data faster, create intelligent visualizations and draw rich analyzes thanks to drag and drop and artificial intelligence.

Finally, you can also take advantage of interactive mobile tools to control and manage your data anytime and wherever you are.

It can also be used by those who do not have particular skills in the field, while the more experienced can resort to Python to be able to work on the most complex cases.

The benefits of the platform:

  • Offers a BI and analysis solution
  • Suitable for experts, for advanced and non-advanced analyzes
  • Collects data from different sources
  • It provides a simplified interface for data management and representation

9. ClicData

Do you want to best present all the data you have collected? ClicData offers beautiful and interactive dashboards, but which hide much more underneath.

You can connect data from more than 250 different sources, warehouse data and from the cloud.

ClicData has an ETL platform that allows you to transform data, merge it, manage it, view the history, etc.

ClicData allows you to share the dashboards you have created with your whole team and you can also use them to take stock of the activities you are carrying out for your customers.

Also, to make sure your metrics are always up to date, you can add automatic alerts.

Finally, ClicData has an iOS and Android application that allows you to access the dashboard anywhere and anytime.

Here’s what sets it apart:

  • Cloud-based BI and data analysis platform
  • Drag and drop tools for creating dashboards
  • You can share your reports via email, via images or in PDF format
  • Authorize different user levels for data visualization

10. Domo

Domo is a native cloud platform. Perhaps more than the others, it favors collaboration between users.

Thanks to Domo you can connect data from more than 1,000 sources, create KPI shared by the team, allow everyone to access data and solve problems faster.

4 advantages to consider:

  • Merges data from a multitude of sources
  • It allows you to create dashboards with drag and drop
  • Create charts in real time
  • It allows you to export data and collaborate with other users


Each service tries to solve most business problems, but only one is perfect for achieving the professional goals you have set yourself.

You can start comparing the characteristics of the platforms, start some free trial and, if you need expert advice, we at Exato Software are at your disposal.

If you want to be sure not to be wrong, fill out the form and request a quote. Business Intelligence represents the future.

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