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How to Create a Buy Now Pay Later App like Tabby?

Are you looking to develop a buy now pay later app? In the past few years, such platforms have started ruling the internet due to their convenience and user-friendliness to pay for a product or service. The specialty of these apps is they give users the liberty to buy things today and pay back in installments without any interest.

In 2021, the total market size for these apps was valued at US$ 15 billion which is continuously growing since then. On top of that, the number of people using these platforms has passed 45 million users, which is great. There is a huge number of platforms that have used this opportunity to make a profit. It includes names like Klarna, Affirm, and Afterpay who have millions of users.

How much does it cost to build an app like Tabby?

However, one premier example of platforms providing this service to users is Tabby, whom many people trust. In this article, we will talk about this app, its working structure, its earning model, and other essential things.

What is a Tabby App?

What is a Tabby App?

Tabby is an incredible platform having an incredible presence in Middle Eastern countries. It was started in 2020 and has grown to a overall user base of more than 3 million users in countries like Bahrain, the United Arab Emirates, Saudi Arabia, and Kuwait. This app allows users to split payments into four interest-free instalments.

It is a blessing for people who get hesitant to pay the full price upfront but have to pay due to the structure of eCommerce apps. However, Tabby has understood this concern and allows them to buy products with partial or no payment. This buy now pay later app development is performed so incredibly that any user can easily understand its usage. They are allowed to use this app for making both online and in-store payments.

More than 5,000 global small businesses and brands accept payment through this application. It includes large names like SHEIN, IKEA, and Adidas. The main motive of this platform is to boost growth and attain a loyal user base with a flexible online payment system. Their unique idea has helped them gather over US$ 275 million from many regional and national investors.

How Does an App Like Tabby Work?

How Does an App Like Tabby Work?

Tabby has a unique approach of letting users buy any product from top brands and making payments later in easy instalments. The users get flexibility and freedom to shop with their choice. Have a look at how the shopping system works with an app like Tabby below:

Shopping from an Online or Offline Store

This app has a huge range of products, ranging from IKEA to Adidas. The users have to choose the item and add it to the cart for most of their shopping.

Shopping Now Pay Later

The biggest part of this application is the addition of the buy now pay later app development for the users. The users can split the purchase into four equal instalments that won’t incur extra interest.

Access to Exclusive deals

Another specialty of this app is it gives tons of exclusive deals daily and weekly. Additionally, the customers even get access to plenty of discounts for products of many companies.

Managing Payments

The users can track the payments in a single place, ranging from upcoming bills to various payment methods. Additionally, the app offers regular alerts to notify users about the next payment.

Step by Step Process for Users

After downloading, the users have to follow the process we have outlined below:

  • The users must sign up on the app by verifying the identification process for creating the ID.
  • Once the approval process is completed, the customer must purchase a product and choose Tabby as the recipient while checking out.
  • They have the liberty to choose between two different payment choices, i.e. 14 day payment and four interest-free payments.
  • This app pays the full amount to the merchant after charging a commission.
  • After completing the whole process, the user must pay the amount back with the agreed stipulations.

Please note that missing a payment results in a late fee if not processed within the due date.

A Buy Now Pay Later Apps Like Tabby Offer the Best Features

A Buy Now Pay Later Apps Like Tabby Offer the Best Features

If someone is serious about flutter app development for a platform like Tabby, they should be aware of the important features. Have a look at the main pinpoints of this app for boosting the chances of success below:

Login & Verification

We will begin with the most critical feature, i.e. login & verification. The start of the process should allow users to sign up using phone numbers and email addresses. It is essential to keep security in mind by always asking national identification number. The verification process should be completed only after that.

Advance Payments

The app should allow users to pay in advance, even if the due date hasn’t arrived yet. It plays an extremely important role in making the app user-friendly.

Automatic Deductions

The next thing that buy now pay later apps should always do is deducting the payment automatically from the credit card or bank account. However, it is suggested to notify the customers before deducting the instalment.

There is a chance of returns and cancellations in automatic deductions, so keep it in mind. For example, Tabby cancels the orders and stops the instalment once they receive an update. It would be best if you thought about implementing a similar mechanism.


As per experts, a huge number of users make multiple purchases from a platform to earn cashback or points. So, people looking for buy now pay later app development should make cashback an essential feature of their app.

It is a great strategy used by a huge number of platforms to ensure a flawless customer experience.

Account Management

A top-level app like Tabby is equipped with a highly sophisticated account management system, allowing users to easily track their purchases, previous payments, and upcoming payments. Additionally, it has proper information about the personal details of users.

The availability of such a feature ensures the app becomes an instant hit among the public. The users believe in transparency that only a solid account management system can give them.


There has been a tremendous rise in fraudulent e-commerce activities in the past few years. It makes security an important asset of buy now pay later app development and must be taken seriously. Ensure the app has all the security parameters needed for making transactions secure.

A fully robust and effective security system is the key to protect the platform from vulnerabilities and cyber-attacks. Integrate the app with security solutions for developing a secure platform.

Benefits of Developing Tabby Clone Apps?

The increasing demand for buy now pay later apps has greatly boosted the popularity of Fintech apps like Tabby. There is a tremendous number of advantages offered by Tabby clone apps we have mentioned below:

Customized Interface

Creating a clone of an app like Tabby allows the platform to customize things per the users’ requirements. It ensures you can add uniqueness and user-friendliness to the app for the satisfaction of customers.

Quick & Easy to Use

A user-friendly Tabby clone app interface ensures the payment process becomes convenient and easier for users. They help in ensuring smoother transactions for both parties. The development team succeeded in giving an error-free experience to the customers.

Cost-Effective Solution

There won’t be any need to spend tons of money on research while developing a clone app. It makes things highly cost-effective for creating a clone app of Tabby as you won’t have to spend extra money on development.

Better Chances of Success

As we all know, clone apps are developed from the existing models in the market and easily grab customers’ attention. It helps achieve superb results from the development of the Tabby clone with ease. The only thing that needs to be done is to follow the same principles with few customizations as per the audience’s requirements.

Less Effort

If we compare it with the development of the original app, the team will need quite less effort. There won’t be any requirement to sit in the initial business planning which saves money, cost, and energy. It ensures the faster processing of the development phase for the investors.

Key Features of a Buy Now Pay Later App Like Tabby

Key Features of a Buy Now Pay Later App Like Tabby

There is a great range of functionalities apps like Tabby have. It would help if you considered the potential audience as per their needs. Have a look at a few key features of such a buy now pay later app below:


Remember that after-pay apps are a pretty new idea in the financial industry, and regulatory compliances of your country might not support them. If a customer doesn’t make payments on time, their credit score can have a bad impact.

In that case, it will be your duty to report to the compliance bureau after a week or month to finalize whether the customer has made the payment on time.

Payment Links

Payment links allow the merchants to share information about the payment page with the customers. An app like Tabby has tried to make things convenient for store supervisors, store owners, managers, and other similar people to share links with their customers directly.



A separate dashboard on the Tabby’s interface for solving disputes in the portal exists. The merchants can easily categorize various kinds of disputes as per store, payment, etc. Every dispute usually gets two options- challenge and refund.

Featured Brands

Another major modification that buy now pay later apps need to make is adding different store sections. This in-built feature should display the top brands with whom the app has partnered. It only not makes the navigation process easier but also assist users in finding their preferred brand conveniently.

How to earn money from an app like Tabby?

How to earn money from an app like Tabby?

Many believe looking at the buy now pay later app development is enough, but the real thing is finding how to earn from such platforms. There are plenty of different methods to monetize these apps we have mentioned below:

Commission Model

The best way to earn money from an app like Tabby is to earn a commission from every purchase made by a user. It can be 5%, 10% or even 15%, depending on the brand or product.

Charging Interests

The next effective method to make a profit used by Tabby is charging interest for every unpaid instalment from the customer. It allows them to generate incredible revenue in huge numbers every month.

Displaying Products

Another way platforms can make money is to charge a fee from the merchants to display their products. There are many new brands that pay a huge sum of money to showcase their items to such apps.

How much does it cost to build an app like Tabby?

Understanding the cost prospect of making an app is extremely helpful in finalizing the budget. In the case of buy now pay later apps, the cost can stand anywhere between US$ 15,000 & US$ 40,000 while creating them with mid-level technology stack and interface.

If we talk about high-end technology, the development cost may increase to US$ 100,000. Have a look at the different factors that affect the development cost for an app like Tabby below:


There is an incredible role played by hosting in evaluating the development cost of buy now pay later apps. It is suggested to choose a well-known platform that gives great results. However, it comes with an extra cost that you need to keep in mind.


The budget for development greatly depends on how an app is designed. It is a critical factor for determining cost correctly. The price might be less when we keep things simple but increases with high-end designs.

App Complexity

As you can see, we have mentioned multiple features that can make an app successful. However, the addition of every feature adds to the cost that can increase the budget. We want to say that complexity plays an important role in evaluating the budget for an app like Tabby.

Development Team

The team of developers working to create the app plays a critical role in affecting the overall cost. The size of the team and the country are two important factors that usually come into consideration. For example, American developers charge much more than Indian developers.

buy now pay later apps

Why Choose Exato Software for Tabby-Like App Development?

It doesn’t matter whether you are planning to expand your platform or it’s your first venture, Exato Software is always there to assist. We have built a great range of Fintech platforms in the past decade, and most succeeded in their purpose.

We are equipped with a tremendous team of highly skilled professionals and experts who know how to launch buy now pay later apps like Tabby. If you are planning to make one, we suggest meeting with our team without any second thoughts.

As per early trends, the global market for these apps is expected to surpass the milestone of over US$ 20 billion by 2028, and there is no better time for investing in this industry. Get in touch with our professionals to discuss further details now!

Tabby App Development FAQs

Q. Is the Tabby app famous?

A. Yes, it is one of the quickest-growing companies offering buy now pay later solutions in the Middle East. It has become a convenient choice for purchasing in instalments without paying interest.

Q. How much time is needed for developing buy now pay later apps?

A. The correction prediction depends on various factors, like design, business model, development needs, etc. It can take a few months according to different aesthetic and functionality elements.

Q. Are BNPL apps customizable?

A. If you have a proper team, the buy now pay later app development can be customizable as per specific business requirements. These applications may have different modules, features, and functionality as per the needs and preferences at the receiving end.

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